Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hold My Buns Please!!

Simply put, I no longer use buns for my burgers. Or franks for that matter. Instead, I make a typical burger and eat it with a fork. Sounds bizarre, looks more bizarre, but what the hell, it moves the scale downward!

Tonight for dinner was bunless cheeseburgers, romaine salad with olive oil/vinegar dressing and pickle spears. Yes pickles. I have acquired a certain craving for Vlasics' Zesty Dill Spears. I don't know if its the crunch, the zest or just the name, but they are outstanding! I believe I am on my second jar in 2 weeks.

I am reminded by the last paragraph that today is in fact two weeks that I have been on this low carb way of eating. I must say,  I am very impressed with how I feel. Energy levels up, weight down, mood very good, appetite very much decreased. And I have stuck with it. Faithfully. Also, having quit the Diet Coke has left me with drinking ridiculous amounts of water, actually craving water, and now the bloating is gone and my stomach is not a wreck. And sleep, sweet Jesus I sleep like a newborn.

I have to say, regardless of how you are choosing to lose weight, whichever weight plan works for you, now is the time. Its up to you, really, to get the ball going. Vitamins can help make you feel better as does increasing your water intake. Cut the caffeine as much as you, more specifically the caffeine with aspartame products. You will feel amazing!!


  1. Pickles, yummmm!!! You know In & Out Burger (out west) will do a protein style burger...between two big ol pieces of lettuce. I've had it like that,not bad. Sounds like you are totally embracing this new way of eating. AWESOME!!!

  2. I miss In & Out!And yeah, I really enjoy this WOE, I'm always full and for me that is all I need. :)