Wednesday, June 29, 2011


If you asked me this week how I am feeling in one word it would have to be determined. I don't know, I have tried and tried to get this weight off and something or other has continuously dragged me down. Not this time. Nope.

I hopped on the scale today for giggles and about fell to the floor. Not going to post my weight until Friday, but if today is a sign of what is to come, I am a very happy lady. =)

I've eaten almost only protein, kept my carbohydrates to under 20 a day as Atkins advises while on induction. I have been drinking plenty of water, but still drinking diet coke regularly as well.  Diet coke and I go back and forth but that is a whole other blog post.

I have a LONG ways to go. But for today, I am focused only on a 30 pound goal. I can do this. 30 pounds is a walk in the park, made even easier with the awesome support I receive from my girls. =) So here is to another wonderful day. Cheers!


  1. Proud of you, Girl!!! Sounds like you are off to an awesome start! Can't wait to see what your weigh in brings. :)

  2. Thanks Bex! I've really worked hard to stay on plan and its paying off. =)