Saturday, June 25, 2011

Simple Exercise...with kids!

So as it stands now its more than likely both kiddos will be in school this August. When that happens I am set to hit the gym. The new found freedom I will have is going to be so appreciated. But, in the mean time what am I doing?

Here in Oklahoma, the weather is very hot and humid. Between noon and 7 we usually stay in. BUT, in the morning and in the evening on any given day you will find me and my kiddos out running around in the yard. Generally, 1 hour in the a.m. and 1 hour in the p.m. Both times of the day when I return to the house I am and have been in a full sweat. So for me, THAT is exercise. 2 hours a day running, playing, throwing balls, jumping rope, playing tag..all the things that the kids enjoy.  If I am not playing I am mowing my lawn.

Keep in mind when I say lawn, its like 3 lawns.I have a HUGE backyard, fairly large backyard and side yard. Today I mowed (push mowed) just the back. From start to finish it was 45 minutes. That is not counting the front or side. So that too is good exercise. And again, I am incorporating the kids as they are out running and playing while I mow. So that's it folks, I'm taking advantage of the sweat factor in this miserable summer weather until August.

What are you doing that also gets your kids involved?


  1. Wow that's a crazy big yard. Definitely a grand workout. The kids and I get in the pool most days. Bouncing around with a near-50 pounder is quite the workout. I've also got A doing some wii dancing "games" with me. Typically, I exercise after they are in bed (tonight I finished at midnight!) Good for you for taking advantage of the nice mornings and getting moving with your kiddies.

  2. I so wish we had a pool in our backyard Bex! I bought one at the old house but it was difficult to manage. I wish I had the energy to stay up late haha.