Friday, July 1, 2011

Wk 1 = -10.8 POUNDS!

Well, its my first weigh in after being AWOL for a bit, and I am proud to say I did very well. My weight loss for my 1st week back on Atkins = -10.8 pounds! Woo Hoo! Now I know what the Biggest Loser Contestant's feel like when they hit those big weeks. You can't imagine how big the smile was on my face when I looked at the scale!

I've stuck to it all week. No cheating. (Not like me!) And did my best to put away as much Dasani as humanly possible. I still had my Diet Coke, but matched it equally or more with water. For those of you who may not be familiar with Atkins or Low Carb plans,  protein keeps you fuller for a longer time than carbs. So if I have a bun less bacon cheeseburger and salad for lunch, I am set til dinner. Being that I am a major grazer/snacker, this is helpful for me. I'm just not hungry between meals.

I'm ecstatic that I am 1/3 of my way to the 30 pounds challenge!! Go me, go!


  1. A-MAZING!!! you are doing awesome!!!!

  2. saying hi....thinking of you!!!!

  3. Thanks Becky!! I really love new app to record info!!