Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting It..

This has been one discombobulating week for me. For starters there was Halloween Monday..all the oodles and oodles of chocolate goodness. Now too mention pizza for dinner and a chocolate cake donut! ARGH!  Then the very next day was my little boys' birthday...cake & ice cream blah, blah, blah... Throw in 1 or 2 fast food trips and its been whack!

Interestingly though I did some things different. I had "1" piece of cake, a smallish piece. "2" pieces of pizza instead of half the damn pizza. Also, McDonalds.. NO FRIES. Hear me? NO FRIES, none, not even one. 1 miniature candy bar instead of 5 or 6....ya getting this?  Yes, I am GETTING IT...I am realizing I CAN enjoy things I like, but keeping in moderation..I am realizing the FRIES are a weakness of mine and I need to just not go there at all. But CAKE...oh sweet baby Jesus, me and cake have a love affair that goes back as long as I can remember. I ate 1 piece on his birthday and a piece yesterday. Today, I am waiting for my sister to get off work and come take the damn thing to her house. YAY!

Thing is I am not denying myself. I am not passing things by. I am not letting myself feel deprived for sake of weight loss.. Nope, I am getting it. And it feels good. OH and BTW, lost 1.2 pounds this week!!


  1. you're doing super, sister. So glad you're back on a plan that works for you and is getting healthy results. Keep moving and losing!!!

  2. Thanks for your support!!! You have been an amazing source of inspiration. :) ♥