Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Exercise

I've been doing much research recently on elliptical machines. And when it comes down to the dollar, I do not want to part with my cash. I'm economical like that. But I have been pondering, why should I pay for exercise in general? Well, let me rephrase that, why should I purchase a MACHINE? Lately, the weather has been so nice out that we have been doing 20-30 minute walks around the neighborhood, I walk, the kids bike. I’ve got to say, it has felt magnificent to be out in the fresh air and watching the kids giggle and pedal just makes it all that much more enjoyable. They beg to go ride the neighborhood and that is awesome. Not only do I get exercise, but my kids do as well. 

But what about when the weather turns nasty you ask? Well, I absolutely love to dance. I mean, I LOVE to dance. I’ve got moves, yes I do! So I put in the Black Eyed Peas CD or turn on my MP3 player with an 80's set that my DJ friend recorded for me and I get it done. I mean I GET.IT.DONE! Now, my kids ask me when WE can dance. I am starting to see a pattern with my kids here :)  Of course I also have Biggest Loser DVD's x3.  AND I am buying the family a Wii next month!

So the end result is I have decided I will not pay money for a NEW machine. BUT, if the opportunity presents itself to buy a USED machine, at a great price, I will jump on it. For now, who says you have to pay for exercise? It's all around you, just waiting for you to make the first move...


  1. I love FREE!!! And what you are doing is awesome...exercise for you and your kiddies. Let me tell you, there are or will be plenty of machines people are parting with that NEVER got any use. When you are ready, I bet you'll find a screamin' deal on something that's been collecting dust. Dancing is so much more fun, too....right?