Thursday, June 30, 2011

Setting Goals

How often have you set a goal and then realized not long after that you really weren't able to achieve it. Or maybe you could have achieved it, but since it was so big you gave up early? I think the same could be said for setting goals for weight loss. More specifically if you have quite a bit to lose.

If you are like a lot of Americans, you are carrying around some extra baggage, and I don't mean the vacationing kind. Often, people wait until the New Year and set this massive goal of losing 50-100 pounds. Or you might hear the infamous "I'm starting on Monday". Then, after they have lost 10 or so, the balance looks so big that it is easier to say screw it. Fail.

Reality. What if you need to lose 100+ pounds, and instead you tell yourself you need to lose 20. Would it be safe to say that you can lose 20 pounds? Would it be fair to say you could do this rather easily? Sure you could! 20 pounds is a walk in the park. Sensible eating and a little exercise and that 20 is gone. Goal reached! Wow, accomplishment. Reaching your goal is euphoric! You lost 20 pounds! Now..can you lose 30? Sure you can!  You get it, little goals, more realistic goals...and in the end..100+ lost. 

Keep your head up knowing you are awesome. You can do anything you set your mind to. Just set your eyes on the prize and the sky is the limit.

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