Just Breathe

I noticed it had been a few since I have blogged so I decided to drop a few lines to share what has been going on in my neck of the woods.. 

My life is somewhat crazy. I'm more often than not running somewhere. I do not mean literally running, I mean going different places. Grocery shopping, picking kids up from school, paying bills, appointments, events and so forth. Thought I should sit down for a minute and just breathe..

For starters, my 6 year old is now a Daisy girl scout and oh how she does love it! It's heartwarming to see the little girls faces aglow when they gather around in circle time. What a nice feeling to acquire 15 more little girl friends nearly overnight. 

We have also added Kenpo Karate to the mix! BOTH kids are involved with martial arts now. They both sat through, or should I say participated in a sample class and they LOVE it. Its one hour a night, two nights a week. They were so proud of the moves they learned and their sense of pride was very apparent. After the class they made it known they both wanted to go back! I am so thrilled to see where this program takes them.

As for me, well I am cracking the books. Classes are in full swing.  The classes I chose this semester have me doing a lot of writing! I have 4 papers due every Friday as well as discussions. I am preparing for my transition to OSU in the fall which has me energized about things to come. I am hoping to perhaps even work part-time on campus since my 4 year old will officially be in Pre-K, which is all day and part of the school district. 

My eating plan has been “okay." I am continuously learning about triggers. As of late I have learned that I enjoy eating more when the weather is gloomy. However, when the sun is out I want to move, move and move some more. It makes me wonder about something...I LOVE rainy, cold weather. Always have. Now I find myself focusing on the correlation of this weather-food relationship. And lately it’s been gray which has seen me going over my caloric goals.

When the sun is shining we can be found walking/biking throughout the neighborhood. Something about fresh air just puts a bounce in my step. The kids love to ride their bikes! I think it’s the sense of freedom that extends past our driveway that the kids find exciting as well.

Anyway, that is about it for now. It’s gray outside. Snow is moving into the west side of our state. I don't think we will get much if any here in the central area, but we shall see. Just trying to stay busy! 

Peace to you all. I hope life is treating you well. Make sure to be kind to yourself!