High on Life

I'm really not quite sure exactly what it is, but I am finding that I am really high on life lately. I think that a big part of it is that I have managed to hang on to eating under my calories for close to 2 months now. Each day I find myself feeling lighter, seeing improvement in little everyday things like clothes fitting looser, seat belt is looser, stomach is seriously shrinking (and smaller I might add) and I am sticking with it. 

I have been battling with weight for what seems like my entire life. Today I am looking at my life through a new view and I see myself going places. I see a healthier me, both for me and for my kiddos. I see a longer, happier life for my family and it feels awesome. I have yo-yo'd with numerous different diets and finally realized that just watching my calories, which in turn allows me to have little things I like now and again, is totally doable! I do have days where I slip a little, but I pick myself right back up and go on.

I have a long ways to go on this journey, but I am savoring every moment. I will look back one day, grinning ear to ear and say to myself "Yes, you did!!"

Feeling Lighter!

That best describes how I am feeling as of today. Lighter! Albeit 16 pounds is a far cry from the total I need to lose, I really truly feel the difference. Then I thought of something I had told a friend when they lost 20 pounds. I told them when is the last time you walked into the produce section and held up 2 - 10lb bags of potatoes? OMG! I know how much a 10 pound bag weighs because I just bought one the other day. Having said that, I can relate to why I feel lighter and it feels great!!

Now then, the holidays are quickly approaching. There is a lot of chatter among those of us trying to drop weight on how we are going to handle it. I say, enjoy your holiDAY and don't make it a holiWEEK.  Maybe plan now for a really special treat you would like to have on Christmas, plan for your calories and go for it. Everybody has their own way of getting through the holidays, just know this, it will be here and gone before we know it.

Cheers to you on your weight loss. Keep pushing forward and have a great weekend friends.