Times Just Ticking By..

WOW! Has it really been that long since I have posted a blog? Looks like it has. Time just keeps ticking by so it seems.

Summer is in full swing and we are enjoying some nice weather! The temperatures are unusually cooler than normal and we actually had a couple tornado's that came the closest to our town than ever before in the 16 years I have lived here. I am wondering what we are in store for when winter hits!

The kiddos are in daycare and getting to take many field trips and really enjoying themselves. They go to a water park every week as well as other fun places.

I left OSU due to the department I was working in going through a phase out. I ended up getting on with a large company in my home town and was promoted in just 4 short months. My job has been a real blessing and the people I work with equally as awesome.

Currently, I am working on getting my daughters birthday party setup and looking forward to two weeks off at Christmas time! Good times ahead!

That's about it for now ya'll! We just had an amazing time with family at our house for 4th of July. Sure wish life would slow down a little...until next time...