Health Check!

This last week proved to be both scary and a real eye opener that life can throw curve balls at you.

On Monday, May 4th, I woke with a terrible headache and a tad bit short of breath. I'd be lying if I said this was the first time. However, I got up, business as usual, got the kiddos ready and off to school and then headed to work. As I was putting my bag away in my filing cabinet a friend approached me asking if I were okay. She had noticed splotchy color on my face as well as profuse sweating. I responded that I didn't feel well.... Long story short, after a visit to medical I was on my way to the ER with a then blood pressure of 180/121.

Upon arrival at the ER I became what I would describe as very weak. My hand felt limp as I tried to sign the hospital paperwork. I was immediately sent back to a room where the oncall doc would come in and immediately start hooking me up to an EKG. He asked me questions like did I know my name? Do I know what day of the week it is Can I squeeze his hand and so forth. I was scared already, but these questions began to scare me even further.

The doc decided he wanted a CT scan to see my brain. It was clear he thought I had either had or was having a stroke. The CT came back no bleeds or stroke. However, he told me that the radiologist said that my brain looked funny. Abnormal. On both sides.  He immediately ordered an MRI to get a better look.

The MRI came back clear. Praise God! But not before my blood pressure went to 244/150. My head was still pounding. I was admitted.

I stayed in the hospital for 24 hour observation and was released the next day. They tell me my brain and heart show no problems. They put be on blood pressure meds and have scheduled me for a sleep study. Sleep apnea, as it turns out, is hereditary. My mothers last stroke they believe was caused by sleep apnea that they were not aware she had after the first stroke. In two weeks I will have some answers....This was definitely a wake up call to make some changes in my life.