Setting Goals

How often have you set a goal and then realized not long after that you really weren't able to achieve it. Or maybe you could have achieved it, but since it was so big you gave up early? I think the same could be said for setting goals for weight loss. More specifically if you have quite a bit to lose.

If you are like a lot of Americans, you are carrying around some extra baggage, and I don't mean the vacationing kind. Often, people wait until the New Year and set this massive goal of losing 50-100 pounds. Or you might hear the infamous "I'm starting on Monday". Then, after they have lost 10 or so, the balance looks so big that it is easier to say screw it. Fail.

Reality. What if you need to lose 100+ pounds, and instead you tell yourself you need to lose 20. Would it be safe to say that you can lose 20 pounds? Would it be fair to say you could do this rather easily? Sure you could! 20 pounds is a walk in the park. Sensible eating and a little exercise and that 20 is gone. Goal reached! Wow, accomplishment. Reaching your goal is euphoric! You lost 20 pounds! Now..can you lose 30? Sure you can!  You get it, little goals, more realistic goals...and in the end..100+ lost. 

Keep your head up knowing you are awesome. You can do anything you set your mind to. Just set your eyes on the prize and the sky is the limit.


If you asked me this week how I am feeling in one word it would have to be determined. I don't know, I have tried and tried to get this weight off and something or other has continuously dragged me down. Not this time. Nope.

I hopped on the scale today for giggles and about fell to the floor. Not going to post my weight until Friday, but if today is a sign of what is to come, I am a very happy lady. =)

I've eaten almost only protein, kept my carbohydrates to under 20 a day as Atkins advises while on induction. I have been drinking plenty of water, but still drinking diet coke regularly as well.  Diet coke and I go back and forth but that is a whole other blog post.

I have a LONG ways to go. But for today, I am focused only on a 30 pound goal. I can do this. 30 pounds is a walk in the park, made even easier with the awesome support I receive from my girls. =) So here is to another wonderful day. Cheers!

Simple Exercise...with kids!

So as it stands now its more than likely both kiddos will be in school this August. When that happens I am set to hit the gym. The new found freedom I will have is going to be so appreciated. But, in the mean time what am I doing?

Here in Oklahoma, the weather is very hot and humid. Between noon and 7 we usually stay in. BUT, in the morning and in the evening on any given day you will find me and my kiddos out running around in the yard. Generally, 1 hour in the a.m. and 1 hour in the p.m. Both times of the day when I return to the house I am and have been in a full sweat. So for me, THAT is exercise. 2 hours a day running, playing, throwing balls, jumping rope, playing tag..all the things that the kids enjoy.  If I am not playing I am mowing my lawn.

Keep in mind when I say lawn, its like 3 lawns.I have a HUGE backyard, fairly large backyard and side yard. Today I mowed (push mowed) just the back. From start to finish it was 45 minutes. That is not counting the front or side. So that too is good exercise. And again, I am incorporating the kids as they are out running and playing while I mow. So that's it folks, I'm taking advantage of the sweat factor in this miserable summer weather until August.

What are you doing that also gets your kids involved?

30 Pounds Off by Christmas!

So here is the deal..I quit watching what I was eating and put all the weight I lost back on, +2. Its my fault. I love to eat. So here I am, pissed off and wanting to kick my own ass. Lord knows I can't miss it. (Ok, that was supposed to be funny). Anyway, back to Atkins. I have too. For me, any other way of eating that allows me to have carbs is just an open door for a pig out. I have to get this weight off. I know it will kill me if I don't.

Starting fresh today. Making a mini goal to have 30 pounds off by Christmas. I can do it. That's 6 months basically. Baby steps and staying focused this time. I gotta shout out to Becky & Lori & LeAnne..The 3 of you have been my inspiration and my support time no matter what. Love you girls!

Little Coupon Shopping Anyone?

Today we had a list of errands to run, one of which was a coupon stop at Walmart. While I am no pro at couponing, I am starting to feel really comfortable with using them. So what was the goods today?

Everything in this picture (less the bananas) totaled $54.52 and after I turned over my coupons, my balance was $2.12! Woot!

5 - AirWick Freshmatic Air Fresheners
2 - Angel Soft 4pk toilet paper
1 - Carefree liners
4 - Scotch Tapes
10 - Dial Body Wash
10 - Tic Tacs

Summer Time

I just realized it has been over a month since I have posted a blog. Shame on me. Life sure gets busy around my house, that's for sure!

So, school is out, summer time is in full swing. What's new around my house you ask? We have been couponing quite a bit, lots of shopping for near free. I have been working on getting my stockpile built up for a 6 month run on food and 12 month on non-food items.

There has been a lot of flack on coupon users ever since the Extreme Couponing show started. I've heard on more than one occasion couponers referred to as hoarders. Wow, really? When I think of a hoarder, I think of a house full of crap, mold, filth, bugs, animal feces, clutter...well you get the picture.  On the other hand, a stockpile is a nicely organized supply of items that you use on a regular bases. It just happens to be in a larger quantity. Why do people "stockpile"?  We stockpile by purchasing items we use when they go on sale for a very low price, then use our coupons to drive the cost even lower. By buying in larger quantity we reduce the chance of having to purchase again, at a retail price, until the next sale. This way we save $$ by not having to pay retail every time we run out. Make sense?  I am, for the most part, stocked for 1 year on most all sundry items. Right now we could probably live for 1 month out of our pantry, so we have a ways to go to be where I want. Think for a minute of how much money you spend a month on groceries, cleaners, sundry items, think about the savings you could have if you didnt have to buy these items for a few months..nice eh?

So what else is new? Trying to work in a few road trips before school starts, Not sure where yet though, as I have numerous places I think the kiddos would like to go. Woolaroc has kids fest creeping up and there is a big possibility that we may be in attendance. I think the kids would love it!

Jacob is starting pre-school in August which will be a much appreciated break for me. I must say, I am looking forward to having a few hours a day to do whatever I want.

How about weight loss you ask? Well, not so much. I do have a plan however. I've not counted calories, I have however been somewhat watching the portions of food I eat. In August I will finally be able to go to the gym! I cannot wait!!!

So that's about it for now. We spend a lot of time outside, shopping and appts so I haven't been blogging much. Just been enjoying my simple life with my little ones. Hope you all are well!