When it Rains it Pours

My, it has certainly been a few days since I last left off. Life has been crazy, but then again it always is. If not for my hectic life I feel like I could fall into a deep depression.  Life has had it ups and down this year and stress has been among the top of my emotions. I always try to do my best to stay positive. I believe everything happens for a reason and that God has good things in store for those who do what is right. This year, friends, life was difficult.

It was a struggle to find work first and foremost. In my situation I don’t have a lot of child care options outside of the normal 8-5 shift so that cut out a lot of potential jobs. Alas, I found a job, albeit a part time position, it was a job! I was elated. The hours worked out great with my children’s schedule as well as my class schedule. My supervisor has been gracious in working my schedule so that it fits my crazy life. And the goal all along has been to go fulltime. One of my co-workers is retiring next month. Having been here since May, I feel like my chances are fairly good that I would be hired.

One step forward two steps back. After only a couple of months at my new job, my car, which I paid off several years ago, decided it was done. It was a 98 cavalier that had seen its miles and had surely gave me years of reliability, but now it was time to move on. So on a rainy September day I headed to the car lot and found a newer, larger vehicle that would accommodate my family as they grow. I was happy for a reliable vehicle with a warranty, but not happy that here I was again with a car payment. Life had been so stressful and the last thing I wanted was another bill.

Two weeks after I acquired my car, the ex quit paying his child support. Now I will not talk about the ex very much because he is just a piece of crap and I don’t want to waste my energy on him. Having said that, he quit paying child support and as of today, still nothing. As a matter of fact he owes his children in excess of $21k. So yes, that threw everything off and I mean everything. Thankfully I have wonderful parents who have helped me as needed and with my stable job I have been able to keep us afloat. Then even more bad news came…

The full time position that will be vacant next month has been put on hold. No, the person is not staying, but rather the powers that be have decided to hold off on filling the position. My hopes are that they simply do not want to pay overlap. But as of today I have no new news to report. Hopefully I will know something either way before we break from Christmas holiday.

So friends, that is what has been happening in my world. My grades have slipped a bit, my time has been spread thin and I am ready for the 11 day break that lies ahead. I am going to use this time to regroup, relax and re-evaluate. My prayers are that I will have full time employment next month and that this gloom that has seems to befall me will pass. Until next time…