Weigh In Day Today!

Weigh in days are Fridays for me. I didn't weigh in last Friday because I had weighed on Wednesday I believe. Anyway, over the past 9 days I have lost 5.2 pounds!!! YES!!! I think I am finally figuring out what works for me and that feels wonderful! Hope you all are doing well. :)

A Little Tip...

I've been doing really well staying under my caloric goal. One thing I have been doing is having high protein breakfast. Why? Well, protein keeps your body fuller for longer periods of time. For me, the mornings are my run-run-run time while my kids are both in school. I found that if I simply had fruit and a bowl of cereal that I was ok, but was hungry again before lunch.  So what I am doing now is 2 bacon strips & 2 eggs for breakfast. After that I am good to go til lunch, I have energy and I am not craving snacks. I also have been trying to suck down the water!   I'm sure water is a big, big part in fullness.  Anyway, its working or me..thought I would share.

What are you tips for staying full and avoiding the snack attack?


On the scale that is! I've lost 5.4 pounds since October 10th! Now mind you I gained a bit over where I originally had started. So I am only down 0.4 from my original weight, but its still down and not up. It's amazing the changes that can happen when you make a few changes to your diet and lifestyle. The addition of   lots of water and fresh fruits & veggies coupled with exercise has really made a difference. Not just on the scale, but more importantly about how I feel about myself. I have more energy throughout the day and sleeping wonderfully at night. I wouldn't say I have made extreme changes, but very beneficial changes.

My actual weigh in day will still be Fridays. But since I have been without a scale for a bit, I needed to see where I was. My new scale is awesome! It had rave reviews and I would have to agree with them. :)

Its Heerrrrreeeee!

My new EatSmart scale arrived today! I am so excited to try it. My old one, which was a POS, died on me so I am going with the last weight I had on it before it crapped out. I opened the package and put the batteries in and on she went. She lights up with big numbers and the scale itself is rather wide. It has what feels like a thick glass surface. No tapping or touching or waiting! Just get on and it puts out your number. It will flash 3x to let you know its done. I got off and on 3x and the number was the same, down to the ounce! (Not going to count this number as it is well into the afternoon and I am sure my morning number will be less. Although, it is a bit lower than the last scale.)  I put my son on and it and it seems about right for him as well.

So, I am going to weigh in when I wake in the morning and see what it has to say. I'm pretty excited to have it! Here are the pics. First one is right out of the box and the second shows how bright it lights up.  I love it!

P.S. Just tried something. Took my jeans and t shirt off and got back on. SAME weight. Put my jeans and shirt on the scale by themselves, 0. Interesting.

Figuring It Out

That sums up what my life has been like over the last week or so. I've been exercising and keeping under my calories and not craving crap. I finally decided to look at what I have been doing since things seem to be going to smoothly. This is what I am noticing that I am doing differently and its working!

  • Drinking 8-12 glasses of water a day OR MORE. Usually more...
  • NO fast foods! NONE! (Especially french fries)
  • Exercising each day. Even if its just walking 30 minutes.
  • Choosing fruit for snacks over high calorie products. I am actually starting to reach for fruits more than ever.
  • Making healthier choices like chicken instead of beef or frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. These are making HUGE differences in my daily caloric intake.
  • Going to bed at a decent time. I've always been one to go to bed when I am tired, regardless of the time. Now I am finding myself in bed between 8-9pm and getting up at 6am. This helps me by avoiding late night snacking.
On another note, I have not been able to weigh so I have no idea how its working for me. The scale is due in by the 20th!

So that is it on my end. Things are going REALLY well. I am happy and content with my food choices and not hungry.  I do think mega H20 consumption is a big factor. Gotta stay hydrated!

Feeling Good!

This has been a GREAT week. I don't mean simply because I worked out and kept under my caloric goal, I mean I feel great. I haven't felt the all day fatigue I had been feeling and with the water intake increased I have been sleeping well. More water=less Diet Coke.. Diet Coke is a whole other topic.

I still have not received the scale I ordered Monday and after checking my amazon account it shows that it STILL hasn't shipped. The expected delivery date however shows 10/18-10/21, so we shall see. My scale died and the gym scales don't work. The gym is the youth center. It serves as a multi-functional building for everything from working out to children's sports, a lot like a YMCA. I chose this one because its only $30. for a yearly membership as opposed to $35. a MONTH with a contract at the other. Hell, I burn more mowing my huge 3 lawns that I do walking 30 minutes on the treadmill. 

So that's about it for now. Things are going well. This week flew by and left me feeling recharged and ready for the next. I hope you all are doing well also.

**UPDATE: As soon as I hit "Publish Post" I received an email that my scale shipped today. :)

Here's To US!

My friend posted this on his Facebook page today. I read it shortly after I got home from the gym. I am going to print this and hang it on my fridge. I smiled when I read this as I nodded my head from beginning to end. What inspiration! Thanks Rick!

Back into the Groove

Its a new day and a good day! Went and paid my membership for this year at the gym and started my work out. Today I walked 30 minutes on the treadmill. Going to start slow and work my way up. The chaos in my life has somewhat subsided and things are looking great. My scale had died so I was looking forward to weighing at the gym. They have an older physicians scale and a digital. Neither work. I was a bit pissed as I have no clue what my current weight is, so instead of running to Walmart and buying a scale, I placed an order for a scale that Becky had told me about. Its the Eat Smart Precision Scale and after my luck with scales I just pray for consistency. The reviews are staggering so fingers crossed its just what I need. So until it arrives I will have no idea what my weight is. :(  It should be here within 5 days or so.

Logging back in on MFP! YAY! I'm feeling really good after working out. I have to shout out to Becky, God knows I have had my ups and downs and she has never given up hope. Thanks B! Love you girl!

Almost Done!

With art class that is. This class has been like a thorn in my side. I do not like it. Why did I take it? I took it because I thought it would be a cush class compared to the rest of my load. NOT the case. Anyway, lucky for me it is an 8 week class and we are in week 7 now because I am SO over it! SOOOO over it!

On a good note, Monday is almost here...I hear the gym calling for me.

Back in the Game

Ok, feeling a little better about my now less chaotic life. I had been so busy I was to a point where I felt like the world was spinning around me, yikes! Things are settling down more and school work is now in sync and I am ready to get back in the game.  I just purchased my first MP3 player so that I have some tunes to listen to while I rock the treadmill come Monday! Yep, FINALLY hitting the gym. I am ready now. Still working on my eating though, I am bouncing between low carb and low cal and trying to find some middle ground. It will all come together. I think getting into the gym will lift some stress as well.  Hope you all are doing well. Peace.