Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Heart Bacon

Ever daydream about bacon? Ever think "what is the deal with bacon" that makes me love it so much? Is it the aroma that fills the room whilst it cooks? Is it the crunchy feel between your teeth when you bite down on it? What is it?  Whatever it is, I love bacon! 

Today I was thinking of all the ways you could serve bacon. I think one of my favorite ways to have bacon is on a BBQ cheeseburger. Seems odd when you think about it, pork on top of beef; pig on top of cow..ok, thinking too much there. I just know that when I smell bacon cooking I must have some. I think it should be mom, baseball and bacon. What do you think? Do you like it soft or crispy? What do you absolutely have to have bacon on? 


  1. you goof ball..... I love bacon, too. My mom always makes it perfectly in the micro, so I was doing that til ours died. Now I bake it on my pc baking pan. I never liked it crispy til now. Soooo good. Have you had bacon wrapped scallops or shrimp. To die for@@@

  2. I've never tried it in the microwave. In the oven though, there is a thought! And no I have never tried bacon wrapped shrimp/scallops but I wrap my meatloaves in bacon!