Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taking Some Time Off...

This last month has been crazy. In a good way. In August, both kids started school which left me with an amazing sea of free time to do whatever with. That was exciting. Then as school began, things started getting a little more crazy with essays, discussions, exams and a gazillion deadlines. Not having the babies at home has made things a little better as far as time management for school, but my mind just can't settle down enough to stay put. In other words, I find myself wanting to go go go in the morning since I am flying solo rather than sitting down and getting my work at home and with school out of the way. Like a bird, I have been set free to fly anywhere I want with no bars held and I feel like my wings are gaining more speed each and everyday...

Ok, so what else? Well...I am going to back off from calorie counting, carb counting and the like for now. I am trying to watch what I eat and I am getting ready to start my gym work outs. But I am feeling quite honestly overwhelmed at the moment. Sort of like things are spinning out of control. I forget to put my numbers in then I dwell if I think I went over. I start to get depressed and start eating more. I gotta stop the insanity for a minute. I need to relax.  To breath.. No pressure...  No numbers.

I am, however, thinking about doing a juice fast. I have watched several documentaries on them and the results are amazing..No just for weight, but for clarity, health and a sense of well being...I will keep you all posted. I will still be blogging, but I am not going to worry obsessively about my weight and the numbers right now.

Hope that makes some sense... I need to take some time off. Peace and love to you all   ~Kimberly

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  1. Heeeyyyy so nice to see an official update. :) I must say I've been missing your posts and missing our "reporting" to each other. I can appreciate taking a break. Catch your breath and come back and join me. It's much more fun with a friend a long for the ride. Would love to hear more about our juicing ideas. S and I were actually just talking about it. He used to juice, but we parted with the old machine a few years ago. Just may have to get something going again. I know it would be great for the whole fam. Tell me about the documentaries you watched....I wanna know more!!! HUGS!!!