Wednesday, October 19, 2011


On the scale that is! I've lost 5.4 pounds since October 10th! Now mind you I gained a bit over where I originally had started. So I am only down 0.4 from my original weight, but its still down and not up. It's amazing the changes that can happen when you make a few changes to your diet and lifestyle. The addition of   lots of water and fresh fruits & veggies coupled with exercise has really made a difference. Not just on the scale, but more importantly about how I feel about myself. I have more energy throughout the day and sleeping wonderfully at night. I wouldn't say I have made extreme changes, but very beneficial changes.

My actual weigh in day will still be Fridays. But since I have been without a scale for a bit, I needed to see where I was. My new scale is awesome! It had rave reviews and I would have to agree with them. :)

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  1. Weigh to go!!! that's awesome! So glad you finally got the new scale and that you love it.