Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Its Heerrrrreeeee!

My new EatSmart scale arrived today! I am so excited to try it. My old one, which was a POS, died on me so I am going with the last weight I had on it before it crapped out. I opened the package and put the batteries in and on she went. She lights up with big numbers and the scale itself is rather wide. It has what feels like a thick glass surface. No tapping or touching or waiting! Just get on and it puts out your number. It will flash 3x to let you know its done. I got off and on 3x and the number was the same, down to the ounce! (Not going to count this number as it is well into the afternoon and I am sure my morning number will be less. Although, it is a bit lower than the last scale.)  I put my son on and it and it seems about right for him as well.

So, I am going to weigh in when I wake in the morning and see what it has to say. I'm pretty excited to have it! Here are the pics. First one is right out of the box and the second shows how bright it lights up.  I love it!

P.S. Just tried something. Took my jeans and t shirt off and got back on. SAME weight. Put my jeans and shirt on the scale by themselves, 0. Interesting.


  1. wooohoooo, so glad it's here. Excited about your new starting off point. Glad you have something reliable now. Good luck tomorrow!!!!

  2. how are you loving your scale?