Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little Tip...

I've been doing really well staying under my caloric goal. One thing I have been doing is having high protein breakfast. Why? Well, protein keeps your body fuller for longer periods of time. For me, the mornings are my run-run-run time while my kids are both in school. I found that if I simply had fruit and a bowl of cereal that I was ok, but was hungry again before lunch.  So what I am doing now is 2 bacon strips & 2 eggs for breakfast. After that I am good to go til lunch, I have energy and I am not craving snacks. I also have been trying to suck down the water!   I'm sure water is a big, big part in fullness.  Anyway, its working or me..thought I would share.

What are you tips for staying full and avoiding the snack attack?


  1. I totally agree! I've been experimenting with breakfast foods trying to come up with something I like. Last week, I made a crustless spinach quiche. It seems like a good, basic recipe....but could add some other flavors to it. I really try to get the boys eating protein in the a.m. too so they are fueled for school. `

    Good for you on the positive changes!!!

  2. Quiche sounds good. Have not had quiche in a very long time.