Saturday, December 10, 2011

High on Life

I'm really not quite sure exactly what it is, but I am finding that I am really high on life lately. I think that a big part of it is that I have managed to hang on to eating under my calories for close to 2 months now. Each day I find myself feeling lighter, seeing improvement in little everyday things like clothes fitting looser, seat belt is looser, stomach is seriously shrinking (and smaller I might add) and I am sticking with it. 

I have been battling with weight for what seems like my entire life. Today I am looking at my life through a new view and I see myself going places. I see a healthier me, both for me and for my kiddos. I see a longer, happier life for my family and it feels awesome. I have yo-yo'd with numerous different diets and finally realized that just watching my calories, which in turn allows me to have little things I like now and again, is totally doable! I do have days where I slip a little, but I pick myself right back up and go on.

I have a long ways to go on this journey, but I am savoring every moment. I will look back one day, grinning ear to ear and say to myself "Yes, you did!!"


  1. Awesome :) very exciting and i know what you mean it is amazing! keep up the good work and i hope your high last for the rest of your life :)

  2. good for you!!! you totally deserve this. Enjoy the feeling....and ride it to your goal!!!