Sunday, May 20, 2012

Walking it Out!

So part of my new job requires me to run some errands on campus. So every day at a certain time, I gather up my folders and make my rounds. On foot. Our university is pretty large, well, really large. I have set offices I go to each day and round trip the errands alone add up to 45 minutes. I do this 5x a week. Well I have to tell you, I have been at it for 2 weeks now and wow can I tell the difference on how out of shape I was in when I started. Since I have been walking it out I definitely feel the strength and tone in my legs and overall I feel so much better. My first two days I was definitely sucking wind, but now, its a breeze. Also, incorporating lots of water I notice that I am sweating less that normal. That is nice. I am so thankful I started when I did because these Oklahoma summers tend to get pretty warm and extremely humid. Now that I am getting used to the walk it should be a walk in the park (no pun intended) when those nasty days commence..

On top of that, t-ball is in full swing and so we are keeping pretty busy as a family. I am glad the kids and I are out of school for a few months and going to try to enjoy some family time and road trips this summer. Also, we are, as a family, going to be doing nightly walks. Yep, loving the walking.

Well, that is all that is new in our part of the world. Life has been very fruitful for us and I am thankful for the blessings that have been passed along to us. Taking things one day at a time and soaking in all that is good. 

Peace to you...:)

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