Thursday, December 26, 2013

Stockpile! My New Year Goal.

Stockpiling is not hoarding. Hoarding is hoarding. What is the difference?

With the New Year looming I find myself thinking about savings, budgeting and getting ahead. Among these thoughts are stockpiling. I am very careful who I discuss my stockpile with for various reasons. Some people think to stockpile is to hoard and hoarding is not socially acceptable. Other people might see stockpiling as a means to a free meal for themselves or others. And then of course there is the fear of robbery. But I will tell you, stockpiling can literally be like a savings account in a bad situation.

So what is a stockpile? 
A stockpile is a supply of food, sundry items, and anything else you buy at the store on a regular basis. To stockpile is buying numerous of the same items at once, usually when they are at rock bottom prices so that you build a surplus. Some people use a 3 or 6 month rule. This means that they readily have 3 or 6 months of groceries, soap, shampoo, etc. on hand at all times. They save time and money from having to go to the store often and they can rest assured that they will not go hungry any time soon.

But WHY stockpile?
This is easy. Have you ever been low on groceries and a storm hits that leaves you stranded at home for days? Then when you finally dig out the store is bare because people wiped it out ahead of the storm and the trucks got stuck? I have. Its not a nice feeling.  Have you ever lost your job and had little to no savings? It’s at least 2 weeks before you get an unemployment check. What are you going to eat in the mean time?

Enter the stockpile!
Lost your job? No problem. Your stockpile is going to cover you until you can get back on your feet. Weather keeping you from getting to the store? No problem. Stockpile has you covered. Big bills hit all at once leaving little to no extra money for laundry soap or food? Go to the stockpile! The point is that a stockpile can be your saving grace. Find out when certain items go on sale for the lowest price and stock up. Perhaps take an extra $20 out of each paycheck and buy a few containers of laundry soap or chicken for the freezer. Plan ahead friends. You never know what life is going to throw your way. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared and it’s not hoarding so long as you are buying what you use and not letting it go to waste. You save money right? You save money in that emergency fund for “just in case” purposes. Well think that way about grocery and household items. Have them on hand you will be able to sleep a lot better at night.

My goal for the New Year is to create my stockpile to cover up to 1 year. Can you imagine not having to depend on the grocery store each week? I look forward to sharing with you pictures in the very near future. 

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