Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 10

Today is my 10th day on this new WOE. (way of eating) I am feeling REALLY good! My appetite has decreased tremendously due to the high protein/fat consumption. I have lost 5 pounds, well sort of. When I started, I was using my dial scale..about 5 days into it I bought a digital. WELL..the digital put me at a much higher (15+ pounds) weight than the dial. So I reset my weight to what the digital said..So while I know I have lost 5 pounds for sure, I think there were a few more out there that I don't know about.

My water intake has been "OK" until yesterday. I quit drinking Diet Coke, again, so I am finding myself sucking down the water. Perhaps I was a bit dehydrated? The migraines I was having have subdued with the thanks to my hot green tea, thank God!

I've also incorporated vitamins. I am currently taking a Multi-Vitamin/One A Day, Super B Complex, Fish Oil and Vitamin D3. Today the UPS man brought me 2 tubs of Nutiva Extra Virgin Coconut Oil to incorporate into my daily regimen. I only drink water now as well, its actually more refreshing than my Diet Coke was.

Thanks to my friend Bex, I learned that Netflix has Walk Away the Pounds DVDs! How awesome is that? I should be receiving one in the next couple days! Looking forward to getting in some exercise.

Things are going great! Enjoying some nice steaks and salads as well as my love of bacon! Yum!


  1. detoxing from sugars AND your caffeniated sodas will take time. Work thru your headaches and you'll be golden. You can do this. Water rocks! I 'm floatin over here from drinking more water than I'm used to. I think I was dehydrated a bit, too. WTH?

  2. oh and can't wait to hear about your walking workout. Which one did you get? I've been doing the 1 mile express walk. Gotta get back in the groove. I've done up to 3 miles before. I think they are a great way to get used to working out and getting sweaty. Hope you like them!!!

  3. I got Walk Away the Pounds: 30 Minute Walk. It supposed to be here today which means I will have to walk out to the road to get my mail and its icy and snowing! LOL! Im excited to try it out.