Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diet Coke is the DEVIL!

For starters, the boy woke me at 4am because he wanted to get up, strike 1. Then as I rise from bed my head feels like someone has beat it with a bat, strike 2.

I went to bed at 9pm last night becaus I had a pounding migraine. My assumption is the withdrawal symptoms have started. I drank my last can of Diet Coke yesterday morning. My attempt, yet again, to quit this habit. I figured since I enjoy hot tea so much that I would get some with caffeine in it and that would replace the caffeine missing from the Diet Coke, no such luck. At first it eased my headache, but then the poundage slowly crept back. Aye yi yi!

Why not have just one can and relieve yourself of the headache you might ask? Well, I am like an alcoholic with DC. I cannot have "just one". And why I am deciding to quit is for various reasons. Blood sugars, blood pressure, bloating, tooth damage etc. Did I mention it is just healthier to drink water instead? So here I go, again.


  1. LMAO, "did I mention it is healthier to drink water?" LOL so true! We know what we SHOULD be doing, it's just so darn hard!!! Hang in there. Just like quitting anything, ONE DAY AT A TIME>