Friday, January 28, 2011

Goals, Rewards and New Clothes

My clothes are already a tad loose. Not enough to freak and go on a shopping spree so to speak, but they are noticeably loose. I have been thinking of clothes and what to do when I no longer fit what I have. I have decided, since I am clearly not rich, that as I lose weight, and clothes begin to no longer fit, I will be hitting the thrift stores for clothes. No, they will not be new, but, they will be new to me. And personally, I can't see spending a lot of extra money on clothes that will eventually not fit. Then, when I get to my goal weight, hello shopping spree!

Clothes are an awesome inspiration to work toward. But how about rewards for getting to mini goals? For me, I have decided there are a few things I would like to have and using my weight loss as goals to achieve those rewards makes perfect sense to me..

My first reward comes at 25 pounds lost. It will be a 20.00 trip to bath n body!
My 2nd reward comes at 50 pounds lost. It will be a new hair cut/style!
My 3rd reward comes at 75 pounds lost. A new pair of Sketchers Shape Ups!
My 4th rewards comes at 100 pounds lost. The emerald ring I have never had and always wanted!
My 5th reward comes at 125 pounds lost. Undecided..
My final reward will be at goal. A gold necklace and a brand new wardrobe!

So how about you? How will you reward yourself for your achievements?


  1. That's an awesome idea to thrift shop for your transition clothes. You want to wear clothes that fit and look flattering as you are melting away, right. :) Perhaps you can also find some affordable lots of clothes on craigslist, too. People will be doing spring cleaning and getting rid of stuff.
    I've been thinking about my rewards, too. Thankfully, or is it sadly, I have a lot of smaller clothes in my I won't really have to shop (but I'm sure I will). I like pampering stuff...mani/pedi, massage, make up and yummy smellies will be perfect, too.
    Hmm, I'll have to put more thought into it and blog about it. :)

  2. BTW, love the addition of music to your blog. You've got such a great playlist, I'm gonna have to keep it open for a while.

    Help me put one on mine!!!!

  3. Thanks Bex! Just go to and create a player and add music..that is easy. When you are ready to add it to your blog let me know and I will walk you through it. If you have any problems creating it, let me know. :) I love music!!

  4. My reward is to look good at graduation! It seems silly but I have been working towards my degree for 10 years now. April 30th is graduation and I want to be thin! Maybe a little pampering weekend! I just hope I can lose the weight by then.

  5. ~becky~ that is awesome! You should be so proud to be graduating!! You can do it!

  6. I haven't come up with a reward system for my goals, mostly because I haven't been able to work towards my goals thanks to a sinus infection. Once I finally reach my goal weight though, I going to wear my black dress I love but have never worn and going out on a date with hubby.

  7. Ah, the little black dress...I think I may need to get one when I reach goal! Good idea Countrymama!