Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Comfort Food

Sitting on my sofa near the front window, I am watching it snow. Everything outside is covered in white and the snow is still coming. I feel so cozy in my confines. However, I find that I am wanting some comfort food. Some chocolate, some ice cream, some cookies, some doughnuts, some pizza...all simply because its snowy outside, we are stuck in the house and my way of thinking makes me believe I want comfort food.

There are many triggers for me that make me want to break my way of eating. Most often it is sadness, excitement, depression, boredom, solitude, loneliness and just the fact that I love to eat. But today, I realize what it is. It is that I cannot leave my home. I am stuck here. I know I cannot get out, so I want to eat those comfy foods. I want to dig in, binge, pig out, stuff my face.....alas, I will not do it. I now have a grip on my eating and understand why I have done this to myself. Now, I choose to eat better.

Finally, it clicks...


  1. Good Morning!

    It is these EXACT times that open up our psyche enough to glimpse just why we comfort eat. There truly (for me) is that release of endorphins when I eat these things. I have started JUST started to really get a grip on this myself.

    I read when I find myself wanting to eat mindlessly. I love to read and it feels very indulgent to me.. it's just ME time. I also just started taking some girlie time too.. I have never (for years anyway) been really in tune with my body and I am closing myself up in my bathroom, taking baths, using lotions, powders, perfumes.. all that stuff that I log ago let go when I got to a place where I wanted to disconnect from my body. It's REALLY helped.

    Write too.. a blog is great and I also have a journal I write in.

    We can do this!
    I know you are going to hate to hear this from a FL girl but I sure would love to see some snow!!


  2. Where in central OK are you? We're busting our butts trying to move back home to OK. That's where all our friends, family and our hearts are. Be careful in the storm!

  3. Good for you for talking about binging and not actually doing it. I get those same feelings!

  4. You'll be about 4.5 hrs from where we're hoping to be.