Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Gained!

I know that part of losing weight is also gaining. And with having been sick and changing diet plans I think something went haywire along the way. I weighed today and I have gained. I'm OK with that, it happens. I actually weighed one day when I was sick and that is when the lowest weight came in. Perhaps it was due to the vomit/diarrhea - water loss. And then factor in that Atkins caused major constipation that I am still recovering from. Oh well, pushing forward now. Trying to stay true to my numbers.

Sundays are my weight watcher weigh in days. And while I was a tad disappointed to see a gain, I reminded myself that I stuck to my points everyday and that is all I can do. Gaining IS part of the process. Due to the gain, my points increased +1. Funny thing is that most days I find myself struggling to use them all. I wonder if that has any correlation with weight loss? Are you supposed to use all the points each day? I know there was  couple days last week that I had 10 or more points left. Ok, so goal this week, use all points if possible.

Also, I bought myself a new workout DVD so will be incorporating that. Hopefully my knee can take it. LOL!

Hoping you all are safe and happy and wishing you a Happy Valentines day!

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  1. Sorry about the gain....but I think you found a couple of reasons for your gain.
    1) YES, you must eat all your points. They've calcualted things so tightly that they know what points we need to keep our metabolism up and moving for weight loss. Have a glass of milk, some yogurt, and extra few ounces of protein at meals. It's good you can get by on less points as we lose them when we lose weight, but you need to gobble them all up now.
    2) Your constipation.....pound the water and get lots of fruits and veggies in.

    If you get frustrated with the scale, try not to weigh again til next Sunday and see what surprise you have. Weight loss is a constant process. Once you get things "going", you may just see a big loss. :)