Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Little Sweet Indulgence...

I wanted ice cream last night. I REALLY wanted it. I had told myself from the beginning that I was not going to deny myself if I really had a craving. I also told myself that any splurge should be minimal and preferably sugar free.

Up until yesterday, I had been housebound due to snow for a week. I was climbing the walls for something sweet. Finally I got out and went to Walmart. I picked up some Atkins Advantage bars and SF Russell Stovers. They don't slow me down thank God. But they didn't have any ice cream that I wanted. So after leaving there we stopped at Braums and found some SF vanilla bean as well as Peanut Cluster Fudge. Both were actually SF Frozen yogurt, but to me, it was like Ben & Jerrys!

The container said no sugar added. Apparently that does not mean sugar free as there were 5 grams of sugar. Net carbs were 7 for 1/2 cup. Mind you, in the past it was nothing to eating 2+ cups of ice cream at a sitting. Well not this time. I got out the handy dandy 1/2 cup and measured it to a t! I ate very slowly and enjoyed every bite! THAT was a nice treat! Not induction friendly, no, but it was nice.


  1. Good for you. Eat it, Own it, and then MOVE ON!!!

  2. Good luck hon. I wish I could say I think it's a good thing but for me I am sure now after all that I have been thru that I am a sugar addict and even the sweet taste of SF goodies seem to push me on to want sweets. It does not always happen but looking back on the last year it's been a pretty constant progression.

    We all have our own path to learn and I truly hope you loved your goodies and they are something that you can continue to use.

    Have a great night! Talk to you soon.

  3. Thank Bex!

    Cary, I posted on your blog just now. I DID notice after eating that SF ice cream that I wanted to eat more, not necessarily sweets, but just eat in general. I do keep these snacks around because, for me, it helps me stave off the real deal. I am however still stuck on 14 pounds for about 2 weeks now? Aye!