Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rainy Days Make Me Happy :)

Not sure that I could live somewhere that had rain everyday, but I definitely would love to have rain at least a week out of each month. I love the sound, the smell and the feel of a downpour.

Today my son and I hulled strawberries and placed them in a gallon Ziploc with some added Splenda to make it nice and sweet for dessert tonight. On the dinner menu is chuck steak marinated in mesquite seasoning, sweet corn and macaroni & cheese. I'm going easy on the point today so I can have a nice big meal! So far so good. For some reason I tend to want a fuller lunch and dinner as opposed to breakfast. I can usually through a bit of fruit together with oatmeal and be good til noon.

Looking forward to Sunday, weigh in day. I think its going to be good, fingers crossed.

How is your week going? What's on tap for your dinner table tonight?


  1. Nice! I love good strawberries.. It's almost strawberry season here and I can't wait.

    One thing I do love about WW is the ability to save your points and have a really nice meal.

    I wish I could still do WW but I got into blood sugar issues and low carb helps really control it.

    Mac and cheese.. yum. enjoy! Have a great nite.

  2. Hey there Cary! I had to go buy more strawberries today. Oh and I passed on the mac n yak..I ended up having chuck steak and a nice baked potato. :) Sorry to hear about your blood sugar issues, thats no fun!

  3. Mmmm can't wait for berries. WE eat a lot of blueberries. Owen just can't get enough.

    Here's to a great weigh in!!!!