Sunday, February 20, 2011


So I get on the scale today and it says  I have gained. WTH? Ok, I did go off plan yesterday and had McDonalds for dinner as well as a butt load of candy. But the other 6 days, good to go. SO how the hell am I gaining weight?

Ok, could be impending TOM, could be water retention, could be that I started exercising and building muscle, hell it could be anything. But I know I did not consume enough calories to gain anything.

Maybe I should weigh in the evening instead of the morning. I just don't know. I still feel great. Clothes still fitting loose, still seeing results in the mirror...maybe I will just throw the scale away! Maybe its the scale and not me. Its discouraging to know I am losing but not seeing the numbers, it really is. But, as usual, I am sticking to the plan..sooner or later it will move.Maybe I will just wait a few hours and get on the scale again. Damn it.

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  1. Hang in there and don't get down on yourself. McD's has a lot of sodium, so you could be retaining lots of water. Also, even though you were within points, eating extra weekly points or activity points at the end of your week could show up as a gain. I know that I was probably over daily points yesterday (saturday) but wouldn't have been over based on weekly/activity pts. Don't go point crazy before weigh in. LOL I didn't weigh today since I was gone, but will in the a.m. I'm guessing I have a gain for the same reason. Keep doing!!!