Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Subtle Changes

I have been noticing things, little things, indicating that the weight loss is finally showing. Clothes fitting a bit looser, mainly shirts, since I seem to lose from the head down. Legs are noticeably smaller in the ankles, which I attribute to water loss. My face is clearly thinning down as seen in my pictures. But today, today I noticed something new.. When I got out of the shower and put the towel on me, well the towel covered more than it normally did. That is a clear sign to me that its working! When I put that towel around me, normally its hard to tuck to stay by itself. Today I noticed that it tucks with room to spare. I looked up in the mirror and gave myself a huge, proud smile! Little things..they make a difference. ♥


  1. LOVE IT!!! That's called a non-scale victory (NSV) least on the WW boards. Gotta love the little and big things that we notice.

  2. NSV is awesome! Thanks for sharing this with me!

  3. Fantastic!
    Hi Bex!
    Yes.. NSV is what I have heard it called too.

    Being able to use a normal towel is one of my 100 reasons I want to lose weight.. I actually have over 100 I think. I've been working on the list for over a year. I might even post it some day but it's pretty personal, (know what I mean!?) I think it's good you are writing about your subtle changes. re-reading them will help on down the line.

    Have a great Sunday my two cyber friends!

  4. Cary, the towel, you cant appreciate the wrap until you cannot wrap up! LOL!