Saturday, February 5, 2011

Whats Up With the Scale?

So in case you have not noticed, the scale at the top of the page is stuck on 14 pounds lost. Actually, it's not stuck, I am! The scale has not moved. I was slamming the weight off everyday, then BOOM. Nothing.

If you read the low carbs stalls post earlier, you know that between weeks 4-6 it just really sucks. My body is like WTF? McDonald's, chocolate, ice cream with cookies one day..then the next your giving me protein and fat and where the hell are my carbs! I WANT MY CARBS GIRL!!!  My body is a little pissed right now that the sugar has been stripped from it. But that's OK! See I haven't lost anymore, BUT, I have not gained either.

I am sticking with it. My clothes are more looser than they were a week ago. While the pounds are not coming off on the scale, the fat is melting off my body! That's what really matters to me. Oh and did I mention...I still feel WONDERFUL!


  1. Girl it is such a BITCH isn't it! I can really relate but at least we know to expect and we know what's up. Hang on.. just hang on.. the woosh is coming. Last time it came for me at the beginning of week 6.. four pounds over night... I am waiting patiently . I even know now for another week actually because I am NOT getting on the freaking scale until next week because I started my period and I don't want to see a raise on the scale at all.
    Last night was SO hard for me.. The hardest in a long time.. I posted about it. MAJOR sugar cravings. It was a very close call.. My DH was almost out the door for dessert from Chili's.. geeze.

    WE can do this. I want to be more comfortable in my skin this Summer. That's what I am trying to keep in my mind.. The heat and my fat are not a happy couple. ugg.

  2. Cary I am the same way! I wanna feel good this summer in some shorts! I have not worn shorts outside in forever. I am praying for a wooshhh!!

  3. Definitely hang in there. The scale can be a foe, so you have to listen to your body and look for other signs that changes are happening. And you are!!! Loose clothes = transformation.