Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Goodbye Spring Semester 2011!

Who would have thought at the age of 40 I would have just completed 2 years of college? Well, if you would have asked me 10 years ago, I would have told you no way. Well, I did it. Yesterday was the last day of Spring Semester for me, it was the completion of two years at Northern. It has not always been easy, especially when the kiddos take a mind to stay up late on a night when I have a 10 page essay to write. LOL! I think that is why I am so excited, just knowing the things I had to get through to be where I am today. So there ya go, a little about me..

NOW, onto the issues I am currently facing. My weight and my way of eating. I was doing well until about 2 weeks ago, or about there. Suddenly I find myself wanting to eat and graze and eat. Not for satiety, but simply because 'it sounds good'. This has been a problem for many years, which has culminated in the weight I am today. To be honest I don't know what I weigh now. I have 2 scales. One scale is a digital and the other an analog. The digital measures me roughly around 10 pounds heavier than the analog. I have noticed on several occasions that the digital when weighing several times consecutively has changed +/- up to 4 pounds! Well, I know I didn't gain 4 in a minute so wth? The analog, well if I lean or stand a certain way, the dial moves, so who the hell knows. I could way more or less and wouldn't know any better.

Well, now that school is out, it does release quite a bit of pressure and time from my day. So now, I am focusing on me. I keep teeter-tottering with the idea of Atkins. Bottom line? I can lose weight FAST. Then I keep coming back to do I really want to lose it that fast? I know from past experience I will gain it back FASTER...so here I am. What to do?

#1. I am going to ditch the analog scale. Any movement on this scale changes the number, screw it!
#2. I am tracking my calories at http://www.sparkpeople.com/ (its free and easy!)
#3. Limiting my Diet Coke, increasing my water.
#4. Getting back to taking all the vitamins that made me feel wonderful. (I don't know why I simply stopped taking them)
#5. Blog. Blogging helps me with accountability. Responses are my inspiration. Hand in hand its like a magic high.
#6. Move more, way more. This is key.

So that is it. That is what I have today. Glad school is out and now focusing on taking care of me.

Peace out ♥

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