Sunday, July 31, 2011

School and Jobs

School is upon us. Less than a month away. My kids are ready, but for me, not so much. It will be my sons first year at a new pre-school and my daughter will be in 1st grade. And I, well I will be in year 3 of 5 working on my degree in computer science.

Lately, with the heat of this wicked summer that is bearing down on us, I have been thinking about all the cooler places that I would rather live. If truth be known, we live here because my parents, the only grandparents my kids have, live here. Now don't get me wrong, Oklahoma is not a bad place to live, not really. But, the summers are very humid and nasty, we have tornadoes in the spring and we have ice in the winter. It is relatively cheap to live here, well, really cheap to live here as opposed to my native state of California. But when it comes to jobs, Houston, we have a problem.

Jobs are slim to none around these parts. I'm sure the same could be said for many states with the current financial situation our country seems to be in. So I had a talk with my mom and she understands that once I graduate, wherever the jobs are is where I will need to move my family. Will it suck to be away from my folks? Sure it will. My kids love, love, love the grandparents as do I. But love does not pay the bills and that's where we will be.  I have 3 years to plan and save, because once I graduate that's it. Ideally, I could find something around OKC or Tulsa, but who knows. To say I am worried is probably a fair assumption. We will see what life throws at us..


  1. I know you want to plan, and that's important since you have a family that depends on you. But just focus on the task at hand.....doing your very best in school and loving on your kids. No one can say what will be the sitch 3 years from now, so don't stress about it today. As you near the end of your schooling, the answers will come to you. Wishing the Mighty Martins all the best this year in school. :)

  2. Thanks Becky! :) Have I told you lately how thankful I am to have a friend in you? I am!!

  3. Aw you're welcome, I appreciate you, too. Glad we get daily interaction thanks to FB. You know there just "might" be some techy jobs in Cali when you're done.