Saturday, April 2, 2011

Diet Coke....

Oh my old friend, Diet Coke, made her way back into my fridge. I love my DC, but it gives me issues. So this week I show a gain of 1 pound. Not because I had a diet coke, but because I consumed diet coke primarily in place of the water I had been drinking. So, I was 1 pound from 20 and now I am back down to 2 pounds to go.

No big deal! I went and restocked my bottle water yesterday, so I am good for this week, or at least until I get back to the store. I was consuming about a case (24 bottles) every 5 days...WELL.. to show you how much diet coke I have drank this week, I have only consumed 5 bottles...16.9 yeah, there is my 1 pound gain and I can see it now.

Well, I am not going to let it get me down. Its a beautiful day. We are re-organizing bedrooms, plantings seeds and going outdoors to play. Life is too good to let a pound get in the way, next week, I hope to be at a 20 pound loss. :)

***On a seperate note, I am not counting ounces on the scale. I am only going by pounds since my scale decided to show my weight in kilograms. Hopefully I can figure out how to get it back to pounds!!***

UPDATE: On the bottom of the scale is a little button with the words KG/LB next to push an voila! Back to pounds! I dont dare get on now though! :)

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  1. LMAO, I didn't realize you were still in KGs lololol. Glad you got it fixed.

    Lift your water....cheers to a great week ahead. Awesome you got your veggies planted. Hope you have a great harvest this summer.