Monday, November 28, 2011

Meals & Snacks That Keep You on Track

Ever find yourself in a pinch, hunger has crept up on you and you find yourself not prepared? Nothing is in the fridge to heat up or perhaps your are out of this or that? Not being prepared can be a big downfall for those of us trying to lose weight.

I have found that preparing things in advance for the week has help tremendously. Having low cal snacks (wheat thins/pretzels/nuts) bagged into serving sizes on hand, a container of tuna/chicken salad in the fridge, fresh fruit/veggies always available and even leftover soup to be great ways to not lose focus. But there is another item I have found that I really enjoy as of late and that is steamers. Pre-packaged, yes, but the taste is wonderful and the calories are low.  I like Birdseye Roasted Potatoes in Chive & Butter Sauce. The whole bag is just 260 calories. Lunch! Broccoli and cheese is another yummy steamer and LOW cal! Steamers are relatively inexpensive and filling and for someone constantly on the move or even a working person, these microwaveable dishes can't be beat.

The key here is to make sure to not only have healthy choices on hand, but also go-to foods for times when you feel the need to eat right now and not spend and hour cooking.

What meals do you reach for on the go?


  1. yum, those potatoes sound great. I used to enjoy the broccoli.
    I like Total Fage 0% has plain greek yogurt in one portion and a lil cup of whatever fruit. It is so good.
    Nuts are also great....and sooo good for you.
    My boys love fruit. I'll cut up apples for us to share and nibble on throughout the day. Oh and sometimes I'll have them with a lil side of pb.
    Oh and I totally agree on soup. I used to do the little Lipton cup of soup packets, too. Soup is so comforting on these chilly winter days and can be very nutritious.

  2. The potatoes are very good, but they are high in sodium as well :(