Friday, November 25, 2011

My Thanksgiving Nightmare

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone. For me it was literally gone Thanksgiving eve. It became very clear that my stomach has shrunk over the past few weeks because I could no longer eat like I could in the past.

I cooked the turkey and trimmings and my family came over early afternoon. I had told myself that I would have 1 piece of pie. 1 lead to 2 lead to 3... I felt extremely bloated, overstuffed and just horrid. My family left around 6ish and by 7pm I was in the bathroom vomiting everything up. :(  I was in tears thinking of what I had done to myself. At the same time it was an eye opener. I easily consumed over 3000 calories. And here, the past several weeks I had been so faithful to my caloric goal. Why is it that I think because its a holiday I've earned a get out of jail free card to eat whatever I want? I realize that kind of thinking has led me to where I am today, overweight.

Today, I woke to pecan pie, dutch apple, cherry and 1/2  a pan of pumpkin gooey butter cake. I started my day off by eating a couple pieces and then realized they had to go or I surely would eat it ALL! So, I bagged them all up and took them out to the trash. Done deal. Moving on... Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are also ready to get back on track. 


  1. So sorry to hear you got sick, but sounds like your body had a good idea rejecting all that extra food. Good for you for tossing out the leftovers.

  2. Thanks for all your support Becky!