Are you a VLOG ADDICT?

If you catch yourself tuning in to vlogs more so than your local news, chances are you are a vlog addict.  I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I am a vlog addict. If you do not know what a vlog is, it is like a blog but instead of writing about your subject, you are videoing it!  Below are some of the most popular vlogs that my family enjoys:

Saving Money
On any given night, especially weekends, I find myself watching vlogs.  Now, I could be out at the movies, shopping or anything else that would cost extra money, but it doesn't cost me anything to watch vlogs. Furthermore, I have learned a variety of frugal ideas from various vlogs! The Frugal Freaks    Lydia Senn (Valuable information!)    Centsible Living with Money Mom

As a family, we enjoy watching other family's. What they do for fun, what they like to cook, where they like to go and so much more. YouTube is filled with lots of family vlogs to choose from that your family is sure to love! Our Tribe of Many (We don't miss an episode! Love this family!)    Large Family Table (We LOVE Jamerrill!!!)     Lydia Senn    Raising Arrows      Phillips Fam Bam (One of our families favorites!)     Homestead Tessie

My son, he loves his gaming, especially Fortnite. Well, there are streaming gamers whose vlogs are not only entertaining but support the gaming industry and you can learn some valuable skills from watching them play your favorite games. Typical Gamer   Preston Playz #typicalgamer #myballito

Cooking, recipes, freezer meals and more! Is this up your alley? Loads of content creators will vlog straight from their kitchen. You will feel like you are in the kitchen cooking with them. They share their recipes, their money saving tips when it comes to meal prep and sometimes you get to go along to the store and shop with them. Jamerrill Stewart Large Family Table  Amy Maryon

We are not a home-school family, but if we were there are plenty of channels dedicated to home-school. Lots of creative ideas to be had.  The Internet has a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips to aid in your home-school adventure. Large Family Table

Budgeting/Money Matters
Lydia Senn
The Frugal Freaks
Debt is Dum

Shopping hauls
Do you enjoy watching what other folks like to buy from the store? Would it help you with meal preps to see other folks groceries as they are unloaded? This is a very popular subject on YouTube! Anything from Dollar Tree hauls, Walmart hauls, DG hauls, Aldi hauls and more.  Many of these are showing how they coupon shop or how they shop for the best deals. A frugal friend would surely learn some good tips from these channels!   Thrifty Tiffany  Penny Pinching Granny

So you see, if you are not familiar with vlogging, you are definitely missing out. So kick back, go to YouTube and start entering your keywords to search whatever you are interested in.

Let me know in the comments some of your favorite channels.

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