Retiring in a 5th Wheel

For those of you who surf YouTube much, you surely have come across the Traveling RV family vlogs.  If not, let me explain.. These are folks who usually sell their family home, invest in an RV of some sort and take their family on the road. Many of them home school their children since they are usually not in one place for a long time. They take to the internet and share videos of their adventures capturing many views to get a look into their lives.

Up until recently, I have wanted to retire in a tiny home. It would free me from a mortgage thus leaving me with the funds I need to travel. I have been researching tiny homes and families for a while now and was set that would be for me. Enter the traveling RV lifestyle.

So, how many times do you find yourselves glad to be going home from vacay so you can sleep in "your bed"? Well, imagine if you had your bed with you. Imagine being able to live your traveling dreams out and bring your house with you. I am really fascinated by this idea. In fact, the more I watch these vlogs, the more I find myself consumed by the fact that this is for me. I can imagine traveling to my favorite places, visiting friends I have not seen in a long time and even furthering my research in genealogy. (Yes, genealogy is my hobby) And for about the same price as I would have paid for a tiny home, I could make this a reality.

Haven't seen any of these vlogs? Check out some of my faves:

The Chick's Life - RV Travel
Eat See RV
Enjoy the Journey.Life

What are your thoughts on living full time in an RV? What would be your concerns?  Do you like to travel? Leave your comments below!

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