Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dropped the Ball

That sums up my way of eating lately. It has been cold and cloudy and dreary lately. I have noticed that during this kind of weather I tend to want to eat and eat, which I have been doing.  When it is sunny, I tend to be outdoors, running around and sticking to plan. So yeah, I've dropped the ball..but I picked it back up and am moving on.

Becky, thank you for being my friend. For noticing when I am not posting much. For checking on me. Thank you for being there. YOU help to keep me on my toes. So yeah, THANKS!

Now where the hell is my sun?  :)


  1. Hang tight, hon. You are noticing a pattern and can now try to shake things up when it happens again. There are highs and lows in this journey and in life.....you will be on the right path starting now.

    Pleaes text me when you want to chat, need a nudge, or need to be talked outta the pantry/freezer. LMAO HUGS!!!

  2. LOL! My pantry po-po Becky~! :) Made me laugh!