Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fingers Crossed...

I turned in enrollment forms for my 3 year old for Early Bird Headstart in August. Tomorrow I will turn in my paperwork for the other EBH.  Between the two I would say we have about a 90% chance of getting in. One program operates 8-1230 and the other is 8-230. Both are on a point system, highest points get in. Fingers crossed we get one or the other. I won't know til May on one and July on the other. I'm hoping to find a part time job if I can get him in.  :)

On a totally unrelated note, I LOVE Thomas bagel thins. Plus they are 1 point less than 2 pieces of bread, so I used it for a sandwich for lunch and it rocked! YUM! I see bagel toast for breakfast on the horizon. Just 3 points for a whole wheat bagel thin, oh yeah!

OH and BTW, I've lost .2 pounds since Saturday. Any loss makes me happy!

That's about it for today. Hope you are all doing great today!!


  1. WTH, where did my comment go from 3 hrs ago?
    anyway.... gl to Little J with school. He will love it and you will enjoy a lil down time. What kind of pt job are you considering?

    I love those bagel thins. Have you heard of laughing cow cheese? It comes in a little wheel with foil wedges of cheese inside. It's soft like a cream cheese. Sooo good, 1 pt per wedge and great on those bagel thins. I also put turkey lunch meat on top. A nice snack or for lunch. I want to get some lox to put on the bagels...a favorite of mine, but on a full sized bagel not a good idea.

    good job on your weigh in. I'm hopeful for a nice loss this week, too.

  2. It must not have stuck as I was not notified of an earlier post either. Weird!
    I will have to check out the Laughing Cow cheese, never heard of it. I have heard of Skinny COw ice cream, is that any good? Do you know? I hopped on the scale at random today, weigh in is Saturday morning, we shall see!
    I don't know what kind of job since really there are no jobs around here right now, nor have there been. Will just have to see if there is anything available. If not, will just enjoy some much needed me time. ♥