Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Great Weight Loss Week

Down 2 pounds for the week!!!  That is really exciting! I am trying to take it slow so that "this time" it stays off. I am doing Weight Watchers, er, with a new twist.  I track points and keep track of my weight online, but in reality, I am using the daily calorie intake suggested by the American Heart Association. Now, I'm not saying that Weight Watchers doesn't work, it does! But I am doing what works best for me, so please, no flaming. 

I am consuming around 1800 calories a day, give or take a few. If I need more, I eat more. I am in no rush. All I know is that I am feeling better than I have in a very long time. I have loads of energy, I am drinking lots of water and I am moving more than I used too.

So here we are, 19 pounds down since January 8th.  Not a lot when you think of the time, but I have kept it off, and that is what matters most to me. 6 pounds to go until I get to wear my Biggest Loser shirt! Woot!


  1. I totally think keeping track of calories as well as your points can make a HUGE difference. Out of ALL the diets I have ever been on.. WW included, the best I ever did weight loss wise (with losing over 75 pounds) was counting calories. The trick is to write it down no matter what your mindset - no matter what you just ate. I remember one time I ate a HUGE brownie.. maybe 450 calories and decided to just "take the day off my diet" because of the decidedly "not diet" brownie.. but then I just wrote it down and added the calories - I easily made up for it over 4-5 days without even trying. I had a lightbulb moment that day. I ended up having a great weight loss that week and if I had not stayed with it because of that brownie I certainly would not have lost a single pound. Truly if I just look at food as fuel, a brownie just being a concentrated fuel, it helps my mindset greatly! Have a excellent weekend Kimberly!

  2. Thanks Cary! I write down everything I eat, even if its a couple chips. I know what it takes calorie wise for my weight to lose a pound or two and that is what I am after. I figure with added exercise will come more weight loss, but ideally I want to lose slow. Thank you for your support. :) (Now I am thinking brownies hahaaha)

  3. Wow that's an AWESOME loss!!! WEIGH TO GO!!!! You def have to do what works and tweak plans. It is living, not dieting!!!