Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My First Reward

OK, so I am currently at a 17 pound loss. I've made a list of rewards and revised and revised. I love the Biggest Loser show, I have watched every season! So I decided for my 25 pound goal I wanted a Biggest Loser shirt. So today, with 8 pounds to go, I ordered it! It will take 4-7 days to get here. I am not going to put it on until I get to my 25 pound  goal, just want to have it on hand and ready for when that day comes. I also think that I am going to choose my rewards as I get closer to each goal.

This is the actual shirt and color! Cool eh?

What is your first reward?

1 comment:

  1. Cool.. I LOVE that color, it's my fav. too.
    I also love that you ordered it a little ahead of time. I need to get some kind of reward also. I want a weekend away or something!

    17 pounds!!!! fantastic. EXCELLENT! I am excited for you!