Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pizza From Scratch

I made a pizza from near scratch for the first time last night. I kept it simple and still forgot my veggies at the store. I purchased the Mia Whole Wheat Thin Pizza Crust that came in a 2 pk. (5 points for 1/4 pizza which also includes the sauce that comes with it). Then I bought fat free shredded cheddar cheese, pepperonis and black olives. I had planned to also get bell peppers and onions, but was diverted by my 3 year old.

So the instructions say that the crust is done in 5-7 minutes on 425 or when you see the cheese melted. At 7 minutes, it was melted and out it came. The bottom of the pizza had just enough crunch to give it a good texture. It was "OK". I had wanted a Boboli but they did not have it in my WM. This brand has a very "wheaty" taste to it. On an interesting note, my son, who does not care for pizza all that much, LOVED IT! I mean he never eats a full slice of pizza and he ate 2, so that was cool.

The overall points for 1/4 pizza with olives, pepperoni, cheese and the sauce that comes with it was like 7 points. It went well with my salad. I have one more crust to use and I think I might go "Mexican style" with this one!

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  1. How fun, you can totally mix this up and use whatever toppings you have on hand. We need to make some pizza here soon. thanks for the reminder!