Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Whats New?

I haven't posted in a few days, I've been quiet busy really. For starters, I found out that I need an additional math course for my major. I was proud to be finished with math, it was my most detested subject, alas that is not the case. So now, in the fall I get to take Statistics. I can either take Stats at my college or when I transfer across the street to the University I would have to take Trig, Calc or Stats. I'm hoping this class is not to hard, ugh!

On a lighter note, I am trying to get my daughter into a Daisy Girl Scout troop. I left a message today with the area troop leader(?) and am awaiting a call back. My daughter decided she'd rather do this than ballet in the fall. I'm glad for this choice! The downside is we live in a small town, so I am sure there will be a commute somewhere involved. Hopefully, with the price of gas rising, it will not be too far.

School is going well. I register for fall semester on the 21st. Spring break is right around the corner, yahoo!

As for WW, everything is going great. Sticking to my points. Having a hard time getting into an exercise regime. I need to get my legs in shape, they are very, very stiff.  Drinking LOTS of water!

Hope you all are doing well on your plan.


  1. I was just going to msg you and see what was up with you. Missed seeing new blog updates from you. Busy is good though. :) I hope S gets to join scouts soon. That will be fun for you guys.

    Sorry about school. I love math but not organized math classes. GL with it!!!

  2. I love blogging! Can't wait for summer, I will have a LOT more time to blog!

  3. Oh good!!!! I think I need to find some WW friendlier ones...all my cooking/baking ones are killin me. LOL

  4. Blarg! Statistics.. My most hated class EVER.
    big cyber hug !! {{{Hug}}}