The Grocery Pick Up Game - SCORE!

Over the years I have learned so many valuable lessons in frugality. The hardest thing for me to conquer was time. Yes, TIME.
I am a single mom of two kiddos. Both are very active in sports and music just to start. They are teen and preteen. I, on the other hand, work full time. So you can probably imagine where I am going with this. Time=Convenience=$$
How many times have you gotten off work, exhausted, only to run home, get the kids, go to football practice for two more hours and then guess what, now you get to go home and cook dinner. I was not always and still struggle with managing time. I mean McDonald's dollar menu is right there, cheap, ready on the fly and that means I can go home and relax. But is it really cheap? And is it really healthy? What if I didn't plan and there is nothing at the house, do I really want to go to the grocery store at 8 pm at night?
Enter Grocery Pick-UpThis is a TIME and MONEY saver! You simply go online, pick out whichever groceries your family will need for however long you normally shop for, add to cart, pay and then tell them when you will be there. In my case this is Wal-mart. You save time from having to scoot aisle to aisle, often with kids in tow, and then wait in line at the check out. And we all know the kiddos always have wants! Simply pull up and your shopper comes out with all your food bagged and ready to go. They will load your car up and you are on your way. Easily saving you AT LEAST an hour. But how does this save money? Good question! Have you ever went into the grocery store for x amount of items and came out with more? I have! Have you ever been grocery shopping, following your handy dandy list and then out of no where a huge sale sabotages your game plan? This is me!
Maybe you were lucky enough to be in the store when the folks with the samples were in there as well? Stupid tortillas! Oh they are free...until you eat one and fall in love with it and now guess what.. two bags of those samples just went into your cart! No matter what the case, you have complete control over you groceries when you shop online. You can manage your dollars as well. Maybe you only want to spend $200. You go through the cart and ask yourself what can I take out to get my price under $200. Done! No surprise sales, samples or clearances to ruin your budget! And you have your food at home so there is no need to run to the drive thru. Mission accomplished!

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